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*88% of consumer testers report noticeable skin clearing within 2 weeks of using Facewater
*92% of consumer testers would purchase Facewater after trying it for 2 weeks or less

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one-of-a-kind liquid serum is an ultra-lightweight and wonder-working leave-on treatment.

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ultra healthy and pore-liberating

100% plant based is better than natural

100% plant based means that all ingredients are derived from plants. there are many cosmetic ingredients that are considered “natural” but are not skin healthy such as mineral oil and paraffin wax.

way beyond clean

100% plant based formula
no glycols
no petrochemicals
no synthetic fragrance
no added dye or color
made by us
no parabens
no phthalates

no glycols

glycols are common cosmetic ingredients primarily derived from petroleum, and most are known to cause irritation. while plant-based glycol production is emerging, we believe using zero glycols in our formulas is the best way to guarantee skin healthy and compatible products.

*all of our products are vegan with the exception of those containing honey.
we let our reviews speak for themselves.

Heaven in a bottle! a MUST have for all! TEN STAR product here! It is a lifesaver for my raw, irritated skin. It only takes a small amount and spreads on easily but doesn't drip. My skin is instantly soothed and within seconds calms down the soreness and irritation.

This is a great, fast-absorbing moisturizer. I was surprised how little you need for your whole face. Gives my skin a great smooth feel and a fresh look.


Verified Review


It's like my skin can breathe again. I've tried a ton of products over the years and this product line is better than any other (including extremely expensive brands and dermatologist products) I have used over the years.


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It is so amazing. You can layer it on top of your other serums. It sinks in and is not sticky at all. I have noticed my skin texture especially, on my forehead and nose clear up. I am very happy with this product. Does not burn.


This stuff works. It does a wonderful job of clearing pores and removing and dead skin. It doesn't feel like a toner; no burning, no residue, no redness or dryness. Highly recommend. It does what it says and feels amazing.


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Product feels great going on and absorbs quickly. I've been using every night for about a week. My skin looks very smooth and even so far. Will give another review after 6 weeks.


This stuff is magic. My skin is not left greasy and no reactions. After a week of using these products, I am beyond pleased with the results. My skin is soft, clearer pores, no bumps, and looks healthy.


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Plant Venom Niacinamide

This stuff is fantastic! It’s soothing and tingles slightly at the same time. It smells so nice. I love it for layering between my nighttime skincare routine.


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Plant Venom Ceramides

I can still feel it on my face in the morning so I know it was working all night. Bought three different products and so far I love them all. Will definitely be a repeat customer.


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Plant Venom Alt Retinol

I love this product under my retinol serum (by the same company) I love that it's easy to apply and it is not sticky. It does not pill underneath my other serums. Love the way my skin feels in the morning.


I have not used anything like this before. It’s amazing! My skin feels so smooth after using for a several days.


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Flower Hazel Calendula

fine lines & wrinkles

the best solutions are specialized regimens that include generous moisture, collagen support (like vitamin C), mega antioxidants and cleansers that never strip your skin.