100 petal rosewater

we distill one hundred rose petals for every liter of 100 petal rosewater to capture the purity and potency of calming and hydrating rose water actives.

this week it was really hot and I was dehydrated and this moisturized well. The rosewater was helpful. It moisturized and plumped up my skin better than if I had just used my moisturizer. I still think this is too heavy to use in combination with my night cream (my skin can't handle a lot of layers) but I liked this under my daytime moisturizer. I’m curious how this would be in winter when my skin is even dryer. My skin is softer and more moisturized. -
100 Petal Rosewater Barcelona Moisture Water
Tester Kim V.

100% plant based is different from natural

100% plant based means that all ingredients are derived from plants. there are many cosmetic ingredients that are considered “natural” but are not skin healthy such as mineral oil and paraffin wax.

way beyond clean

100% plant based formula
no glycols
no petrochemicals
no synthetic fragrance
no added dye or color
made by us
no parabens
no phthalates

no glycols

glycols are common cosmetic ingredients primarily derived from petroleum, and most are known to cause irritation. while plant-based glycol production is emerging, we believe using zero glycols in our formulas is the best way to guarantee skin healthy and compatible products.

*all of our products are vegan with the exception of those containing honey.

the results

we let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.93 average

I used it more in the evenings, also as my first step after a makeup magic eraser cloth with water. This did a really good job at equalizing my skin and getting the remainder of dirt, oil and makeup off my skin. I can see on the pad what came off. It really does a good job cleaning and my face felt immediately refreshed. If my skin felt oily or dirty or out of balance it did a good job of bringing it back to neutral. There's nothing I disliked.

Tester Gianna S.

Verified Review
100 Petal Rosewater La Reine

I use it daily and think it's a great cleanser and my skin dealt really well with it. I had no breakouts or blemishes and it didn't dry my skin and it got it clean. I have no complaints. The moisture level of my skin has been great- I haven't had to use extra moisturizer.

Tester Kelly W.

Verified Review
100 Petal Rosewater Zepherine Bubble Rinse Cleanser

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