*88% of consumer testers report noticeable skin clearing within 2 weeks of using Facewater.

*92% of consumer testers would purchase Facewater after trying it for only 2 weeks.

noticeable skin clearing*

The results speak for themselves. Healthy pores free from occlusive chemicals allow the skin to breathe and naturally purge toxins. Many so called “natural” products or products that have plants in them also contain silicones or petroleum derived chemicals – unlike Facewater which is 100% plant based. FREE YOUR FACE with Facewater and watch over time as your skin responds with more resilience to environmental stressors.

visible radiance

Radiance can’t be faked. Like your skin, plants are living things and are bursting with nutrient rich energy. Our patent pending distillation process captures more skin healthy and energetic actives from fresh plant matter (many of which we grow ourselves) compared to the diluted factory-made extracts common in other products. The only way to have truly radiant skin is to have healthy, fully and deeply moisturized skin.

long-term youth preservation

Like the rest of your body, premature skin aging is the result of diet, stress, sun damage, toxins and genetics. We can’t control genetics - but Facewater will make a big difference. All Facewater products are Way Beyond Clean™ and 100% Plant Based. We believe the best things you can do to keep your skin looking younger are continual healthy moisturization with antioxidant rich products and only using super clean, 100% plant-based products. There is no better regimen than Facewater.

immediate lasting moisture

Moisture is essential for healthy, clear, radiant, youthful looking skin. That’s basic. But all moisture is not created equally. Facewater moisture is skin healthy and bursting with 100% plant-based energy. Water-form, ultra-absorbing and deeply hydrating – Facewater is the best moisture rich solution for your skin.
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Plantonic Hyaluronic
Jenna Troublefield
Dry skin Miracle

Perfect for my dry skin and redness

Nightcovery By Elderflower
Stephanie Turner
Love these products

I cannot say enough great things about this product: I am 60 and dealing with age spots and pre-cancerous spots removed by my dermatologist. I bought this, and my skin immediately- not in "days or weeks"- but immediately started looking brighter. I wish some of the day spas around here would start promoting this company- their products are fantastic.

So moisturizing and mild . Doesn’t burn my sensitive skin . It makes it have a glass effect I love it ! I used my YUKA app to scan the label and look up the ingredients on this and this company and product was rated excellent 100/100 for it’s clean harmless ingredients. I love this line !

Very mild and moisturizing! Great clean ingredients! I recommend!

I love this ! If you have sensitive skin like me make sure you only use this 1 time per week and make sure you moisturize well because of the salicylic acid in it . But wow it makes my skin smooth . My favorite is shroom boom. Very mild and extremely moisturizing . Clean products !

'Shroom Moisture Boom
Perfect for a light wear

This product is amazing underneath some spf. That being said my skin specifically does need something a little more moisturizing. But my boyfriend is obsessed with it and has combination skin.

Plant Venom Alt Retinol
Love this product!

This product is my life saver I’m a bartender and this product makes my skin bounce back no matter what time I’m working until. Truly love her

Plant Venom Alt Retinol
Marissareitknecht@gmail.com Reitknecht
Praise plant venom

This stuff is nice. Feels so luxe. My skin looks amazing!

Great product

Great product.

Love how easy it is to put on and how much you get for your buck. Seems too watery but it's actually the perfect consistency. Goes on smooth and absorbs quickly

I just love how my skin feels and looks

This is my first time trying the Plantonic Hyaluronic, its been over two weeks with using the everyday morning and evening. I love how the product keeps my skin hydrated and less redness to it. I will definitely order again.

this is the truth!!

I'm so glad I stumbled on to this brand. The products are wonderful, effective, and worth having in your skincare arsenal. tone and texture have changed. I'm sold.

Absolutely love it

Such a great product! Smells so good and washes away all my dirt and makeup with ease. Another awesome product from this company! Cruelty free and healthy for your skin. You can't go wrong!

So Unexpected!!!

Leaves your skin feeling plump and hydrated! The watery consistency makes you think it might be a little drying once it settles but it actually leaves your skin feeling super soft and matte. I love this product so much!

Pore Purge Potion
Emily Gervais
The best toner I’ve ever used

Previously I had the hazel and herb and wanted to give this a try. Hazel and Herb is excellent (5 stars!) but this one is absolutely it for me. It definitely helped clear a small breakout I had on my cheek / jaw area that was lingering for a week (ofc, my picking at it wasn’t helping) but within days of using this product at night before moisturizer, it was significantly reduced and now gone. The smell is absolutely wonderful and refreshing too. My skin feels super clean, clear, and soft after using this product and even quenched. If you are dealing with some stubborn or occasional spots, blackheads, or acne in general this is an amazing product. Facewater is quickly becoming my favorite skincare brand!

Instant love

I’m so thoroughly impressed with this product and how instantaneously I fell in love with it. I have oily skin / combination skin and have been sort of “getting by” with a mid-weight cream in the morning that left me feeling greasy by late morning. This rose water moisturizer has been the perfect solution. It provides lite moisture and is incredibly soothing. I was recovering from a small breakout on my lower cheek / jawline and within days of using this product my inflammation and redness had nearly disappeared. It absorbs very well and leaves me feeling moisturized but not greasy throughout the day. Also has a lovely but not overwhelming rose petal aroma. Absolutely love!

Emily Gervais
A new staple

This is my second bottle of Macinwash, and I think this is officially my new staple cleanser. Although I’m not prone to breakouts or acne anymore, I still do get some mild breakouts and clogged pores / blackheads. I genuinely feel this cleanser has made a difference in keeping my skin clear and calm. I love the smell of this cleanser and how little I need to get a good cleanse and lather. My skin feels super clean without feeling stripped after. This is definitely a favorite for me and I think it can certainly work for most skin types due to how gentle and effective it is at its job.

Absolutely adore this brand! I have yet to find a product that I don't like. If you haven't checked Plant Beauty Distillery out than you are missing out!

B5 Bee Honey Hazel
Brightening and Caliming!

I have combination skin that is incredibly sensitive. I am really careful about toners specifically, any kind of fragrance/ heavy products make my face break out. This product is the first toner I have tried that doesn’t make my skin burn, I even use it after shaving or exfoliating masks to help calm my skin down after. It also has brightened my skin immensely, in combination with the plant retinol serum water. I can’t recommend this product enough if you’re looking for a toner that won’t fry you out or make you break out.

Plant Venom Alt Retinol
Definitely worth the money

I’ve been using this product for three months and I can honestly say I have noticed a difference in my overall texture and complexion on my face. The serum water is an interesting consistency and a bit thinner than I expected but it spreads beautifully, a little goes a long way. My skin is incredibly sensitive and I have yet to have a reaction to this or the witch hazel and honey toner. Overall I would say if heavy products, and scented products are not for your skin you may have found your next holy grail of skin care.

Love it!

Rosehip oil water is awesome! Very light but effective. Highly recommend.

Just delightful. Very moisturizing

This stuff is great! It's kinda thick, it feels really pleasant and soothing to apply. I've read that bakuchiol and retinoids work well together so I usually apply it after my prescription tret, but have found that it layers nicely with just about anything. I also love that the bottle is nice and big, you can really slather it on.

Instant brightening

This vitamin c water has almost transformed my skin overnight from dull to bright skin. I'm really amazed and almost in disbelief. I'm ready to pull the trigger on the full size. I think this item has converted me to using vitamin c in my skincare routine. It also smells juicy, tart, and sweet, an unintended bonus that surprisingly makes me even more excited to do my skincare routine. Most be those distilled acerola cherries!

PS - I wish this company had misters to buy separately. I love the colored packaging but I hate hate hate wasting this precious water (it drips down my hands and is wasted on a cotton pad). Even the small spout on the full size version doesn't really help the wasted water... I think the best way to use these waters is through misters/spray bottles. But then I miss the beautifully themed packaging :( maybe they could sell glass versions with mister nozzles and refillable containers of our very products? Just an idea! Love this product and can't wait to buy more.

Fragrant and hydrating toner

Opening this rosewater was like approaching a rosebush in full bloom. Fragrant and fresh. The aromatherapy alone makes this toner amazing. I feel so calm when I use it. Generally I avoid "fragrance" in skincare, but PBD is using real distilled ingredients, and I am optimistic that there is more quality in their added fragrance than other brands. My skin feels calm and soothed when i use this, and so does my mental state, lol. It doesn't reach holy grail status like my soon Jung 5.5 toner (which literally feels like a sigh of calm on my skin) but it is hydrating and the incredible Fragrant scent is enough to keep me buying it. If you like the scent of roses or floral notes in your skincare, you won't want to sleep on this. You could easily use this as a face mist if you decant it in a spray bottle (maybe with some drops of facial oil) to keep th3 hydration and aromatherapy on tap.